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About Us

Welcome To Greenville International

What we do

Greenville international offers professional consultancy services in water and the environment. The company has a team of Environmental Experts (registered by NEMA) who conduct the Environmental Impact Assessments and carry out Environmental Audits.

Our Services

Expert Consultancy Services

Environmental Impact Assessment

We give sound and practical solutions to our clients on how to mitigate any negative environmental impacts that may arise as a result of their construction

Borehole Exploration

We carry out ground water exploration and our team of geologists site the best points for boreholes drilling

Environmental Audits

We commit to ensuring that our clients are complying with the law by conducting annual Environmental audits

Borehole Pump Installation

With our team of experts, we install stainless steel submersible borehole pumps.

Our Work

What We Are Doing

Environmental Impact Assessment

Environmental Audit

Borehole Exploration

Borehole Pump Installation

We are different

Why us?

Our mission and vision is to achieve a pollution free environment by offering simple, practical and affordable solutions to all our esteemed clients.

Clean Sustainable Water

We conduct feasibility studies for our clients and advise on the best water source. We study (within a given jurisdiction) the council water mains reticulation, its reliability and quality and advise our clients accordingly.

Our Pumps

We install stainless steel submersible borehole pumps.


We have conducted water exploration for several clients, drilled boreholes and installed pumps.


We have conducted Environmental Impact Assessments for various projects ranging from residential fats, office blocks, boreholes and even factories.


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What Our Clients Say​

I have had the chance to work with the team at Greenville during a time in which they were carrying out a systems audit in order to improve and automate operations at the office. My experience was great! I found a very dedicated and professional team with a passion and intent to make every client who walked through their doors happier than when they came in.
Vincent Awino
CTO, Gravity Ltd.
EIAs are a challenging affair but crucial and important for construction projects. Problem is the bureaucratic nature that is the application process especially in Kenya. Well, comes Greenville. These guys made my work so easy in getting the EIA done! I've never had such an easy time working with a group of experts who just know what to do at every stage!
Urbanus Mutua
I work for an NGO whose goal is to achieve sustainability and access to water among the communities we work in. Borehole drilling is key to us. We started with a few contractors, but who mostly fell short of the specifications and deliverables we set out. A friend directed me to Greenville and things have never been the same. 12 Boreholes later and I would still refer them for the Job!
Alison Burgas
Product Designer

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