Some technical guidelines

Some technical guidelines

Groundwater is frequently chosen as the most suitable source of drinking water, supplies of which are brought to the surface by rehabilitating existing boreholes or drilling new ones. However, constructing, or repairing, boreholes requires specialized knowledge and technical expertise, much of the specialized knowledge and technical expertise needed for this purpose can be gained from the standard literature. However, field operations in remote areas or in difficult conditions often require flexibility and imagination in avoiding or solving technical problems.

If boreholes are not properly sited, designed and constructed in the first place, supplies cannot be maintained, and investments are wasted. And in the longer term, if groundwater resources are not properly managed, there is risk of over-abstraction and pollution and massive failure of drinking water supplies. This cannot be allowed to happen

It is against this background that the National WASH Cluster decided to publish Technical Guidelines for the Construction and rehabilitation of Boreholes. These guidelines should harmonize borehole construction practices among all stakeholders operating in the country in line with international best practices.

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